About Emmanuel Evangelical Ministries India


AGE GROUP : 0 -6 years

We will organize programmes so as to secure children’s sound gleeful future with Secure Residence Bridge Schools.


disa child care foundationMillions of children are engaged in hazardous situations or conditions, such as working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or working with dangerous machinery. They are everywhere but Imperceptible, toiling as domestic servants in homes, laboring behind the walls of workshops, hidden from view in plantations.

on training Children living in the poorest households and in rural areas are most likely to be engaged in child labor. Those burdened with household chores are overwhelmingly girls. Millions of girls who work as domestic servants are especially vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Labor often interferes with children’s education. Ensuring that all children go to school and that their education is of good quality are keys to preventing child labour.


Totally Educated Earning Knowledge

disa child care foundationWe will organize programmes so as to secure the young people with rightful future with providing educational courses to make them work and worth

Ignite passion in the lives of young people by giving them an experience they will never forget. The Youth Camps of Evergreen Christian Ministries provide children and teens the opportunity to enjoy the company of friends, the wonder of nature and the power of the Gospel.

4. Medical camps

disa child care foundationHealth Care receives the lowest priority in rural areas .A poor diet keeps most people anaemic and creates malnutrition. Lack of hygiene and sanitation leads to many diseases resulting in many unnecessary deaths which could be avoided.

Health Camp This programmes taught to the rural people by covering human physiology, awareness on common ailments (sickness, diseases) and contagious diseases, better nutrition through balanced diet, to make a learn how to use medicines supplied to them. It’s affordable, reliable, effective, and locally accessible. Our Health awareness programmes help high-risk people to change their behaviors and help to prevent health issues. We are developing a full array (collection) of products and services – available as integrated or stand-alone programmes - that can be tailored to meet the needs of our human resources.

  • Our incentive programmes are designed to maximize enrollment and keep participants engaged.
  • Programmes and services include:
  • self-care books and programmes
  • wellness newsletters
  • custom-developed health education programmes
  • well workplace initiatives (plans and schemes)
  • self-directed health awareness movemen

Our action-oriented, self-directed health awareness programmes appeal to diverse people audience. These programmes are designed to help our people to become more physically active. Helps our people and their families discover a variety of self-care resources. Our organization provides health plans, benefit packages, or nurse line or preexisting disease management programmes.

When people see life with a clear mind, they can be more productive and have an improved outlook on work and relationships


With this programmes, giving awareness to development of natural sources. It implements various programmes so as to raise the quality of life through wise use of available resources and application of renewable plans with GREEN REVOLUTION FORM.

To ensure the entire community have awareness of the environmental issues such as causes of drought (lack, deficiency), the effects of denudation (remove) of trees.

6. Sunday school Teachers Training camps

disa child care foundationWe held a Sunday School Teachers Camps in four different places in my region. My target is very remote areas. Our Sunday School missionary, Mrs. T. Ratnam, helped me train the teachers in how to teach and how to sing Sunday School songs.

EEM INDIA endeavoring to bring awareness about children’s ministry among the churches in the country. We have been trained many Sunday school teacher with different denominations with the appropriate tools.

7. Slum Schools

EEM INDIA Foundation works in the slums of Andhrapradesh to provide education, nutrition and medical care for the children living there. We care for children of all ages in our baby care center, nursery school, kindergarten and elementary school up to grade five. After that, those students who qualify receive scholarships to the best Catholic private school in the area. In 2009 100% of our fifth graders qualified.

The Indian upper and middle classes are starting to enter the modern world but they are few relative to the vast number of poor in the villages and slums. This majority of the Indian people must wait one or two generations before they can be a part of the new world.

6. Widows home

In traditional rural villages it is not uncommon for girls to marry at a young age, even as early as 14 yeas old, to an older man. These young wives come to the marriage without education, only having prepared to care for children and the home. When their husbands die, often from AIDS or drug and alcohol abuse, these women are without the skills and knowledge required for a job suitable to support their family. Widows are traditionally not allowed to remarry and are outcast by family and society while they bear the responsibility of caring for their children until each child has married.

Widows have become a vital part of Margham churches because they find a new family, a new hope, and a new future in Christ. They are devoted church members, eagerly sharing God’s love with those around them and often caring for the church building, where they find a welcoming shelter to sleep at night. Margham strives to help these women by building dormitories and providing rice and clothing to supplement the meager income they generate from laboring in rice fields.